Top Five blogging tips for beginners in 2020

It will be a fantastic topic because we are going to talking about Top Five blogging tips for beginners.

It is the generation of online and everyone wants to start their online business.

In this online field, one of the most popular business is Blogging. Yes! Blogging is one of the most famous businesses of online which can change your life and not only business, but it is also a passion of some people.

Writing a blog is good, but some people don’t know that writing a blog is not enough because it professionality to attract an audience whatever you are writing on any topic.

But, before starting a blog writing make sure let you know about a few tools for blogging.

So, let me explain to you some tips for beginner bloggers who are thinking to do it.

Choose your Niche

The first step of every beginner should be choosing a niche, yes it makes you more confidence about what you are thinking about writing.

Suppose that you are a Bike rider and you are writing about food, So it will be not beneficial for you because you don’t have enough knowledge about food and also not interest.

You have to follow your niche and your idea to make yourself better because blogging is all about your passion and interest.

Some good advices for beginner

  • Use H1 heading first (Only one time).
  • Use H2 heading.
  • Use images.
  • Author
  • Do not use too much technical word.
  • Repeat keywords only 2 to 3 times.
  • Don’t use over three paragraphs lineup.

Choose your Blogging Platform

Everything has a way to start those things, and blogging also works on the same thing.

There are many platforms where you can start blogging, but it depends on your choice.

Let us talk about WordPress and Blogger because they are the world’s most popular and famous blogging platform.

More than 60% of bloggers are using these blogging platforms, and if you are thinking to start then, you can go with them.

Choose your topic

A Topic is the big factor in a blog. Choosing an attractive topic also attract your audience but how to do it?

Suppose that your niche is Sport and your topic is “Top 5 best footballer all time”. These kinds of topic do not attract only but also makes user curiosity more.

You can also take help with Google trends.

Link building

Link building has a great potential to grow your blog value if your blog has with a high authority website. A Beginner doesn’t know that link building is one of the secret tips for successful blog.

Link building requires a proper strategy, and it should be a highlight on the article because if it looks like artificially used, then your blog can remove or down from the web page.

Content should be fresh and Unique

A search engine always tries to keep its eye on fresh and unique content because it does not compromise with its quality.

So if you are beginning your first blog make sure it should be unique content and some informative. You can also check the plagiarism issue after completing your blog with the help of plagiarism checker tool.


These all are the top blogger tips and tricks, but make sure you understand all tips and tricks correctly before starting a blog. These strategies give your blog boost up and have the potential to catch your audience into your post.

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