Five amazing tools for blogging in 2019

If we are talking about Online business, so Yes! Blogging is one the dominant way that helps you to reach your niche, idea, passion to your audience where you are thinking.

Some people think that Blogging is a kind of rocket science but believe me it quite easy because you don’t have to make too much effort and should not have in-depth knowledge.

But if we are talking about business so, Yes! It is one of the coolest fantastic ways for online business.

An average Blogger earns up to 1000$ per month, and with day by day, they get more than they expect.

But some beginners are getting confused about how they should start a Blogging and which blogging tools they should use.

So, let me explain to you my 5 best tools for Bloggers who are thinking about blogging.


WordPress is one of the most popular and fantastic tools to start Blogging. More than 60% of Bloggers are using this tool. Every next Blogger are using WordPress because it has multiple options with Blogging

  • WordPress has an easy interface to use.
  • It has easy content editing option.
  • Have a great collection of themes with different categories
  • It gives you the best plugins for your various uses.

Google Keyword Planner

Google keyword planner is an excellent tool for finding your target keywords. Google makes it entirely free for everyone.

If you are ready with your niche, then find the keyword that will be required in your Blog. This step is an essential part of every Blogger because it will also play a massive role in On-page SEO.

If you are already in a Blogging platform, then you know that Blogger’s first step is keyword researching.

Google keyword planner is amazing keyword research tool if you are finding a free tool.

Ahref Keyword Explorer (Premium)

Ahref is one of the most popular keyword researching tools which is used by most popular Bloggers.

It comes with the Premium package, but this tool is a fantastic keyword researching tool.

  • It has an accurate result as compare to other tools.
  • The most important part which makes it great is keyword difficulty (KD). Keyword difficulty helps you to find a keyword which difficulty level will low (less than 20%).
  • Ahref provides New keyword Discovery option which helps to show new keyword.
  • Easy interface to use it.

Yoast SEO Plugin

Yoast SEO plugin is the most popular plugin which is coming with WordPress, and It has more than 5 million users.

Every Blogger wants to rank their Blog on the first page of Google, and that’s why they try to make an effort for SEO.

In Yoast SEO plugin you will get a complete package of SEO in step by step.

  • It has a content analyze option.
  • It provides XML sitemap submit option.
  • It has a Meta tag, and Description submits option.

Canva (Graphic design)

A Blog with only text does not look good. Every Blogger knows that image makes a Blog eye catchy and attractive.

If we consider the best tools of graphic designing So, there is only one name and my favorite Canva.

Canva is an amazing tool to build or create an awesome graphic within a minute. You don’t have to take a long or wasting to draw any single line.

  • In Canva we get amazing templates with different categories
  • A stylish font option which gives you an attractive and eye-catching line.
  • Customize according to your idea with your image.
  • Easy to remove Background.
  • Add more than one image in a single frame.


These blogging tools are most popular and knowing tools. If you are ready to do Blogging, then make sure use these tools properly to get your Blog at the next level and if you are already doing it and not aware of these tools then check this out definitely.

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