How to get Google AdSense approval in your blog 2020

Every blogger or new blogger has a dream to get Adsense approval in their blog, but the question is how to get Google Adsense approval in your blog?

We all know doing blogging is a great way to earn money online, even if you are serious about it then you can make your carrier here.

But, the question is, what is the easy way to earn money from blogging?

So, let me tell you very frankly if you are in the initial stage then start your monetization in your blog and earn money with Google AdSense, but the question is how to get Google AdSense approval?

Well, it is also challenging to get AdSense approval, but in this blog, you are going to know an easy way to get Adsense approval.

what is Google AdSense

Google AdSense is the biggest ad network which allow you to earn money with them. You will be a partner with that where you will get 68% revenue of the ad.

So, it is perfect and excellent opportunity to earn money from Google AdSense.

A Requirement for AdSense Approval

  • Your website should be atleast 30 days old.

Many newbie don’t know, but it should keep it in mind always that before applying for Google Adsense check your domain registration date. As per Adsense experts, your website should be at least 30 days old for AdSense applicable.

  • Atleast 15 posts should be on your website.

Google AdSense is strict with their algorithms and terms. So, if you are going to get google AdSense approval to make sure you should have 15 posts in your website because if you don’t have content in your website the, how can Google approve you for the AdSense.

  • Posts length should be more than 500 words.

For quick and fast AdSense approval write 500 or more than 500 words blog post because this type of content shows value and information in the post. So get instant AdSense approval to make sure your blog length should belong.

  • Content should be unique, or zero plagiarism error should be.

If you are doing copy others blog or rewrite their blog, then forget about Google AdSense because Adsense will never give you approval if you are doing others copy whatever how smartly you rewrite Google will quickly identify that.

So be yourself and own blog, research topic and use your language and own thought

  • Make sure your website has contact us, About us, Disclaimer and Privacy policy page.

I’m suggesting you about these page because these page helps Google to understand that your website is legit and you will not share your user id, details, information with the third party.

So make sure get these pages into your website before applying for Google AdSense approval.

  • Do not use any article generator tool.

As I mentioned above, do your research, and be creative because if you are using an article generator tool, then Google never gives you AdSense approval.

Google believes in giving its users legit information, and these types of tools do not provide any kinds of information. So if you want to get AdSense Approval, then make sure use your thought instead of article generator tools.

How to get Google AdSense approval fast and easily

After going to the website, click to the sig- in button and sign in with your Gmail.

  • In the second page, they will ask you website information.

Provide your website domain address without URL for example and make sure use those email in which you wants to get AdSense approval.

  • After successfully filling website and email address the next step will be select country and terms and condition

After all these steps you will finally get your Google Adsense dashboard where you have to submit your home address, and after submitting address you will get an HTML code by Adsense Whom you will put into a head section in your website.

It is the complete process to get Google Adsense approval, but make sure to follow all those things which I have mentioned above because these things help you to get Google AdSense approval fast.


I hope you enjoyed this blog, and I also believe you got to understand how to get Google Adsense approval fast. So it is the simple and effective method people getting Adsense approval fast, and you can also use it to get fast approval.

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