How to do proper new website SEO in 2019

Every beginner needs to understand SEO even when you are ready to buy a domain. Every successful blogger and Digital Marketer knows that SEO is the key to their success.

There are many videos and articles to understand the step by step process about SEO, but some beginners don’t understand the strategy.

So the question is why you need seoA new website faces too many competitors, and because of its competitors, the new website gets low ranking or not getting rank in the search engine top 10 pages, that’s why you need to understand SEO accurately.

Let me explain to you in detail about how to do new website SEO for a beginner!

1. Choosing Domain name

Choosing a domain is the main factor about SEO; whenever you buy a domain name, it should be rememberable.

Suppose that you have a food business and you want to buy, but unfortunately, the domain name is already purchased, so it will be far better to choose another domain name which closes to a related word like,,, etc.

For your better business, there are some tools in the market which will help you to suggest domain names.

2. Choosing the best Web Hosting Service Provider

Web hosting is one of the important parts of any website and if your website doesn’t have a good web hosting, So it probably no chance to rank your website in Google

Google always target a website which has a good web hosting because it also provides more security

Some free or share web hosting providers promise you to keep your website more secure and flexible but they don’t because Google easily finds out which web hosting you are using.

So choosing the right web hosting provider will be back born for website and SEO also.

3. Keyword Researching

Every beginner ask the question of why keyword research is important?  Keyword researching is the success key of SEO, especially in On-page SEO. At the beginning time, people don’t understand which kind of keyword they should use.

According to SEO experts, every beginner should work on longtail keyword but, the question is what is a long tail keyword is?

Whenever you find a keyword between 3 to 6 words or more, which is called a long tail keyword

4. Optimize Website loading time

It is one of the serious issues of why your website is not ranking. Website loading time depends on your page contents and web hosting.

If your hosting is good, then make sure you optimize your website loading time properly.

5. Responsive Website

If you are not aware of what is a responsive website, So let me tell you that responsive website is performing a vital role in SEO.

When your website opens in different devices e.g. Mobile, Tab, or Desktop The website will respond or resize according to the device.

Every successful web designer focus to make their website responsive and SEO friendly.

According to Google policy if your website is not responsive, then you will never jump into the first page even if you are an expert.

So, keep in mind always whenever you design a website, it should be responsive.


If you understand the strategy about SEO, then you will get 100% rank in the search engine but before doing it, make sure you follow a proper step because SEO is not rocket science, but if making one mistake, it can pull down your website easily.

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