Here are the top Five most popular types of blogs

Blogging is one of the most passionate ways to show your talent to your audience. It is not about only your passion but also makes inspire who are thinking like you.

There are different kinds of people who try different types of blogs according to their niche.

How to do it

Look, Blogging is not rocket science to understand any thinks. It all depends upon your passion and hobby so that you can go for it.

Suppose that you are passionate about cooking and want to show your audience how to make dishes tasty. So, you don’t need to understand any other things.

But, suppose you heard about first time or don’t have enough knowledge so, make sure you understand a strategy, tips and tricks to start blogging.

So, without further due let me explain to you five most popular types of blogs.

Travel Blogging

Travelling comes one of the most popular types of blogs. It is not only exciting but also familiar in everyone’s life.

We all love to travel with friends and family, but some of us make it our passion because not everyone makes it thier desire.

Travel Blogging is the most popular category of Blog, and there are lots of Blogger who are already doing it and always get in touch with their audience.

Fitness Blogging

According to me, I don’t think there will be people who don’t like fitness. We all know that fitness, workout and exercise one of the right keys to our life growth.

Suppose that you are daily hard workout person and most passionate about it. So, it will be new ways to show your ability to the audience with your Blog.

Fitness blogs is a fantastic way to touch with your audience and teach them what you have gained and done.

Doing fitness Blogging will be the best option if you are passionate about it and also inspire people who want to learn about fitness.

Music Blogging

Music blogs are one of the most popular and unique types of blogs which is finding online. Everyone loves music, and want to enjoy music but what will happen if I tell you that Music blogging can be a great way if you passionate about it.

Suppose you are a great professional musician; you have a fantastic studio. So, if you are want to get to reach your audience, blogging will help you and not only help but also teach your lovers.

Lifestyle Blogging

Are you a fan of someone? I hope you are. So whenever you see your star or favorite person, you try to follow their lifestyle.

Yes! As similar, it is lifestyle blogging is very famous which is comes into the most popular blog categories.

You don’t have to do anything only write about what you do in your daily life and like, gym, swimming, exercise, biking, etc. The people who interested in it, they will surely love your blog.

Sport Blogging

It is quite a different type of blog because it shows a style and that’s why it comes into most popular blog categories which have a vast field, sports blogging is fresh and attractive blog syle. If you like Cricket, Football, Tennis, etc.

Sports blogging can be the best option to reach your audience. Yo don’t have to do big things, write about what sports you like, and after sometime later people will get engaged in your blog.


These types of blogging are more famous than others and if your niche in these categories, then go for it but make sure you get basic knowledge before you start.

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