5 excellent ways to write SEO friendly blog post

Write SEO friendly blog post: In today’s day, blogging is one of the easiest and accessible ways to express your profession to your audience, but many people don’t know what SEO friendly blog post is.

Look, there is nothing complicated to understand about SEO friendly blog post, but somewhere it needs to realize that what is a proper strategy of writing SEO friendly blog post.

We all want to rank on Google first page, and that’s why we make lots of effort on our Blog to take it into the first page.

During writing a blog, have you ever think about optimizing your blog or SEO friendly blog? If it is no, then don’t worry because let me going to explain to you how can you write a proper SEO friendly blog post with these Five steps.

Find an SEO friendly Title

We all know that title is the first preference when people come to your blog because people read a title first; then, they are deciding to visit this blog or noting

But, this is not enough because the main factor is about ranking. An SEO-friendly title performs a vital role to rank your blog post.

So, the question is how to get SEO friendly Title? Let me tell you very fairly a seo friendly title contains 70 characters maximum and if you want to get SEO friendly then here you can find your SEO friendly title.

Structure of the Blog

It sounds weird but, Yes! Blogging structure does matter in SEO, but the question is, what SEO friendly Blog structure is?

Here are some steps for Blogging structure

  • Brief introduction: A brief introduction helps people to understand a blog with profound meaning and also helps in your SEO.
  • Conclusion: Using a conclusion just like the last words of your thought and also many people like to read a conclusion because they understand a complete blog from this.


It is one of the essential things which makes your Blog more reliable and complete SEO friendly. Well, here I’m talking about small paragraphs which makes your Blog easy to read.

A small paragraph means a maximum of 3 lines in one paragraph and doesn’t use technical words many times.

It will be the best article writing tips that will help the reader to read your article easily and helps to rank fast.

Keyword Research

How can we forget about keyword research if we are talking about SEO? In on-page SEO, it is the primary thing to rank your blog post, and without keyword researching, you can’t think about rank your blog post.

Keyword researching is a bit complicated because it needs in-depth knowledge to find your targeted keywords.

So, let me tell you some tips and tools which will help you to find keywords with the help of amazing tools.


  • Always use long-tail keywords like more than 3 words
  • Try to do your keywords bold in the blog post
  • Do not repeat single keywords more than 3 times




Keyword Tool

The Length of your Blog post

When we are talking about SEO-friendly blog, then take a look an another most essential point which is blog post length.

A complete SEO friendly blog post needs 700 to 1500 words to rank fast on the search engine. Many professional bloggers rank their blog with 500 to 600 words because they create backlinks in-depth, and if you also want to know backlinks, then you can understand from here.

Plagiarism free Blog

According to the top marketers, 20-25% of new bloggers try to copy other’s articles, and then they rewrite it. Well, it looks nice, but actually, not because Google is too smarter than you and there no doubt that you can never rank.

So, remember if you want to copy other’s blogs then avoid it, and write your own words because Google needs uncommon posts.

After completing your blog, make sure to check plagiarism quickly and if you get even 1% of plagiarism then solve it.

Here you can check your plagiarism in-depth.


I hope you understand how to write SEO friendly blog post and follow all the steps correctly. It is not difficult to follow all steps, but yes, it can take some time because SEO takes time.

So, go ahead and apply all the steps properly because a single step mistake can down your ranking quickly.

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