9 SEO secrets you should learn for your business

Many of us struggling to rank the first page on Google, and with this motive, they are trying to do SEO, but what will happen if I tell you that you don’t know SEO accurately.

Look many people are there who tell you SEO trick but nobody tells you the SEO secrets because it can be challenging for them.

If you hear first time SEO secrets then this article is for you because I’m going to discuss with you all about top marketers SEO tips and tricks who are using it and getting the first position on Google.

So, without wasting any more time let me explain to you how to get your website to the top of Google with the complete step by step process.

SSL Certification

Maybe you don’t believe, but Yes! SSL is essential for SEO. Your website should always be SSL certified because when Google crawls a new website they looking for a completely secure site.

Suppose that you have a shopping or eCommerce site, and you need a user card and payment detail.

So, in this case, if your website is not SSL certified, then Google will give alert or caution message of its users like (this site is not secure) and also never push your website into the first page.

So, it is better to make your website SSL certified, and with this step, you completed your first and primary part of SEO because it is not only about SEO but also for trust building in Google eyes.

Meta Tag

If we consider the central part of SEO, then yes meta tag is the central part of it.

The Meta tag is the essential segment of SEO or calls backbone because this is a Title of the content that tells Google and other search engines what your website is?

A complete SEO friendly Meta tag should be 70 characters, and it also looks significant to users.

One of the essential things in your title, it should be matched with your content on the same keyword.

Meta Description

Just like a Meta tag, Meta description is essential for SEO. The meta description is the briefing about your website or content.

An SEO friendly meta description should be only 156 characters and no more than this ratio.

This description size full-fill a Google term, and that’s why Google tries to push the website.

H1 Heading

The deepest and understanding truth of SEO is H1 heading. It is the segment of HTML which is using for title and heading.

The H1 heading is the essential property of SEO because it explains the Google and other search engines about your content.

This H1 heading contains some keywords, which is the first stage of SEO and then their content.

Generally, every new reader starts with the reading title and with this title they get help to understand the content.

Should be Mobile-friendly

It is not a secret, but yes many marketers do not tell you about mobile-friendly website.

When Google or other search engine crawls a new website, it checks a website is responsive or not, but the question is why the search engine gives importance to the mobile-friendly site and why it is a significant factor of SEO?

Ok, let me tell you, Google respect all their visitors and users. Suppose if you are searching for something on the Mobile phone and get your result, but when you enter that site, unfortunately, the site shows you in desktop view.

So, in this case, it will be challenging for you to read something, and for this difficulty, with users, Google or other search engines never rank this type of websites.

So, always remember it is the significant factor of SEO, and you cannot ignore it if you want to rank on a search engine or Google.

Use sitemap

If you are complete with your website then, the time is indexing. Yes, it is one of the most significant portions of SEO.

Submit a sitemap on Google or other search engines is important because your website is an index on a search engine.

The sitemap tells a search engine that your website is entirely ready to index and after you submit a sitemap, a search engine crawler immediate start crawling a site and it takes around 24 to 48 hrs to index.

So, do not forget to use a sitemap, and before using it make sure you know well that how to submit a sitemap.

Website speed

We are getting irritated to waiting to load websites or any other things, and for this reason Google never push-up these types of sites.

Google always keep its eyes on websites and never want to do upset its users. So, a high-speed site also performs a leading role in SEO.

See, Google never wants you to give bad experience, and that’s it gives priority of website speed.

A fast and smooth website attracts not only a user but also a great chance to increase your ranking in Google or other search engines.

Keyword researching

From the beginning of SEO, it’s most common, and everyone heard about keyword researching, but the secret is how to find a proper keyword?

The basic rule of keyword researching for a beginner is a long tail keyword. Yes! It is the way to rank on search engine with a new website.

Many new marketers do not tell google search secrets which is an easy way to identify keywords.

When you put keywords with “your keywords” you will filter your search result, and after doing it, you can quickly identify how many people are working on your keyword.

Follow up Algorithm

I think many of you don’t hear it before, but it is the biggest mistake in SEO if you do not follow up a Google or other search engines algorithm.

The algorithm is the primary key to success in SEO if your website breaks any algorithm or rules. So there most probably chance to get a penalty from search engine.

Google recently updated its algorithm, and after updating, it, many websites get a penalty because they break Google algorithm, and of course, they get a huge effect in SEO.

So, in last I want to tell you that before index your website makes sure read Google all algorithm carefully and update with that.


I hope you enjoyed a blog and understand all the steps clearly. These seo secrets are performed a vital role for every beginner.

So if you are thinking to launch a website and want to rank in the search engine fast, then these Nine steps help you to give the fastest SEO results.

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