How To Set Up a Facebook Group For Business In 2019

Today I’m going to cover up how to create a Facebook group for business and, it will be a stunning option to take your business into a different level.

We all know that Facebook is not just social media, but it also has been a business platform.

Connecting with new people is the best strategy for growth of the business. Facebook has 2.3 billion monthly active users who have the potential to bring your business at the next level.

It gives the option of advertisement to promote business such as website traffic, business lead, engaging people, etc. but what will happen if I tell you to make an audience for long-time. Yes! It is possible with the Facebook group.

Facebook group is the excellent way for the business and make your image as a brand, but some people confuse to set up a proper facebook page.

So without wasting time, let me explain to you step by step method to create a Facebook group.

Go to the Facebook dashboard then follow Groups option

When you get logged in your Facebook account, you will find a Groups in the news feed on the left side. Click on the button and go inside.

Click on the Create Group button

When you go inside the Groups option, you get a button of Create Group. This button is the right top side of the dashboard and if you do not get it, make sure refresh your page again.

Create a Group with some settings

After click on the Create group button, you will get Create New Group option. Here you have to follow all steps correctly.

  • Name your group: Choose your group name according to your niche but make sure group name should be short, catchy and understandable because it matters to the audience.
  • Add some people: In this section, you can add people if you want, such as your friend, family, and business partner. To add people while setting up a group will be better when a new user will come to your group.

Select privacy option

In this section, you get options for the group Public group, Closed group, Secret group. These options work according to your choice.

  • Public group: This option provides you when user search with your group name it will show, anyone can see how many post updates on a group and how many members in it.
  • Closed group: A Fb closed group means when people search your group name, it will show, an only group member can see how many post updates on the group and how many members in it.
  • Secret group: Secret group means only group members can search and view; no other people can find the group name.

Group dashboard

After completing all the steps you will get a dashboard of your group, but wait. It does not end because you have set up a few setting more.

Add Cover photo

A cover photo is one of the great ways to attract users. The image should be an eye-catching and good looking because of a user always need an informative and useful looking group. So make sure you upload an attractive cover image and image size should be (851×315).

Group Description

While setting up Facebook group the most important thing is the description. A description shows the audience what accurately are doing in the group. So make sure to write a catchy and informative description about your business.

Group type

A group type helps people understand that this group is actually on which topic? To go to the group first, you need to go more option then edit group setting.

After with this step, the next step will be finding a group type option, and after getting the button clicks on that.

Here you can see Pick a Group Type. Yes! It will be the final step to find your group type. Pick a group type according to your business and click on the confirm button.

Create your First Post

After completing all primary settings, you can create your First post. When you jump to this step, first of all, choose an eye-catching image related to the post and write about what you are trying to share with your people and make sure your image and post writing should not be different.


Create a FB group can be the best way to the growth of your business. There many marketers who are using the Facebook group to build a great community and can take their business at peak level.

So, if you are thinking about it, then follow the above steps correctly and take your business into the next level.

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