How To Set Up An Adwords Account For Business In 2020

Have you ever use Google Adwords? If it is no, then don’t worry, because today we are going to talk about how to create Adwords account.

Adwords is the search engine marketing(SEM) platform where people advertise about their business.

Almost every digital marketers are aware and using it, and if you are new or don’t know how to set up a PPC account? Then follow the further steps properly.

Go to your Adwords Dashboard

To using an Adword first, go to the Google Adwords and sign in with your email id.

After completing this step you will get dashboard as above the showing, and with this dashboard, you will get some navigation option on your left side.

So, what is the meaning of them, let us see.

  • Overview: A overview is the main dashboard where you will get know how many clicks you have, how many impression you have, and what is your average cost is going
  • Campaigns: A is the central part where you create your ads, and there are few settings inside it so that we will go further with it.
  • Settings: Settings is the option where you set up your bid strategy, custom, campaigns status, campaigns type, etc.
  • Location: We all know it performs a vital role for any ads campaigns because our ad depends upon the business type and we need only that place where our business can grow. So, it’s essential parts for any ads campaigns.

Go to the Campaigns

When you finally come to the dashboard, click to the campaigns option and go to the inside.

As you can see inside the campaign, there is a symbol of the plus icon on the left side and the new campaign option in the middle of the bottom.

There is two option to create a new campaign, so go with whatever you want, and after this step, we will finally create a campaign.

Select a goal to create a Campaign

After going to the create new campaign option, here you will get dashboard like this.

It has all types of goals option according to business. So let me tell you what exactly it’s mean.

  • Sales: Suppose that you have an online shopping store and you want to sell the products. So, in this case, sales campaign will help you to sell your product.
  • Lead: Lead is nothing but just an inquiry kind of campaign, suppose that you have a food website and you want people to know about your business. In this case, it will help you to get a lead.
  • Website traffic: As we all know by its name, website traffic is the most popular campaign for a beginner who is starting their new website because of every new site want good traffic, and this campaign helps them very well.
  • Product and Brand consideration: It means when consumer consists of purchasing and looking for your product or brand. So this will be helpful for this kind of marketers.
  • Brand awareness and reach: It is nothing but just doing an aware for a customer who wants to recall for the brand.
  • App promotion: Are you an application developer? Or have the new application so great; It will help you to get your audience.

In this all option I’m going with website traffic, and if you want a different goal, then you can quickly go with that.

So after choosing a goal type option, you will get campaign type examples.

There are four different options which will help you to get the best one according to your business then after this step select your domain name where you want to show the ad and press continue.

Basic Campaign settings

Campaign type and Network

  • Campaign name: Choose a campaign name according to your business
  • Network: A network type means where your ad should be showing in a search engine.

Location and Language

  • Location: It means in which location you want to show your ads.
  • Language: It just an option if you are going to show your ad in any specific language.

Budget and Bidding

  • Budget: Budget is the option where you can choose your daily budget.
  • Bidding: A bidding means how much cost want to spend per conversion and it also a manual option.

Ad extensions

  • Site link extension: Site link extension will help you when you set up the text-only ad. So, it will show your site link where the user can quickly go to your site.
  • Callout extensions: It means if you have any specific or special types of the option, e.g. (offer, coupon) So, you can use them on callout extension.
  • Call extensions: This extension will help you to add your contact number in your ad.

Complete this all step and click save and continue.

Create Ad group

In this step, you will set up your ad group name related to your business and if you want to create more than one group then click on a new ad and create one more ad.

Create Ad

Here is the section to create your ad and also you can see a live demo in the next demo screen.

Write a catchy headline with attractive description but make sure Headline length should be 60 characters and description length should be 156 characters.

Set up Keywords related your Business

One of the essential parts of the ad is the keyword set up. Yes! When a user searches anything, the sentence use keyword and search engine show a result according to the keyword.

Suppose that you have a Food store and you using “best food store” so it will be a possibility to show your ad on this keyword. So make sure set up the best keywords.

After completing all the steps, you will get a final message like this

Click on the continue to campaign button, and your ad will be created. It may look a little bit difficult, but it is quite easy to set up an Adword account.


Adwords is a fantastic way for beginner or startup marketers. So go and create an AdWords account, but make sure to follow all the steps correctly and understand the basic set up.

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