How to use twitter to promote your blog and drive traffic

We all know that Twitter is the most popular and well known social media platform. If we will calculate Twitter traffic so it will be 4 Billion visitors per month, which makes it second largest social media platform.

Many professional marketers are using Twitter to generate leads and sale for their business, and similarly, professional bloggers are also using to get traffic to their blog.

When we start a blog, then we give our time to do SEO, but the worst thing is that it takes time almost six months.

So, the simple way to grow your traffic quick is social media.

Can you imagine that if Twitter has 4 Billion traffic per month, then how many traffic you can also achieve from Twitter? but you need some strategy

So let me explain to you how you can drive a fantastic traffic to your blog with the help of Twitter.

Regular Tweet

If you ever notice any professional bloggers or marketers, then you have observed that they are regular Tweet around 5-10 posts in a day. So, what will happen when you post a regular tweet it will indicate twitter that yes! This account is regular and growing up.

Twitter will also help to reach you between more people and also has the chance of engaging with professional bloggers.

So, make sure you post at least 5 to 6 posts per day, and the most important thing is if you are posting 6 tweets in a day so, you have to post 3 blog post of your website.

Using a hashtag

How to get traffic from twitter this is the question of new bloggers who are trying to reaching more visitors. So, the most elegant way to reach more visitors in a day and drive traffic is using a hashtag.

If you ever notice you have observed that many bloggers and marketers use a hashtag, but if you don’t know how a hashtag works, then let me explain to you.

When you use the hashtag, that means you are engaging with the similar community, and when any other person checks that hashtag, then they will get your tweet, which means traffic.

Let’s assume that there is a hashtag which has 1million members and you are posting 5 tweets per day, so can you imagine how much traffic you will get.

Using a @account

Like hashtag, mention any profile and username like @username it will be the great way to reach your tweet directly to their profile.

Most of the time, bloggers are using it to engage with that particular profile and try to make a big community with that.

The most valuable thing is if they like your tweet and mention on their posts so can’t believe how much traffic you will gain.

So, the coolest way to grow your traffic is @mention and drive traffic smartly.

Retweet always

Maybe you have never noticed, but retweeting is the first process to get good traffic. There are so many professional bloggers and marketers who are posts around 15-20 tweets per day.

Suppose if they have 1 million followers, So you can imagine how much traffic you can generate from your retweet.

Once their Twitter visitors know that you are also a blogger and providing the same content in a new way, so there is most probabily chance to get fantastic traffic from a retweet.

Use your @username

There are many ways to promote twitter account free, but it will be so easy and also helpful for beginners.

When you are doing retweet, comments or message so in this case, you should use your username because when you use your username visitor will check tweets and have a chance to crawl your profile also.

So from this, it has a chance to get more engagement in your profile, which means traffic.


I hope you enjoyed the article and I hope you learned something new from it.

It will be the great way to generate massive Twitter traffic to your blog, and if you are not on Twitter, then what are you waiting for go and create your business account.

These all steps for all those beginners who are struggling for traffic, but make sure follow all the steps correctly.

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