What is SEO? A beginners guide 2020

It is the generation of online, and we all love to surf the Internet whatever it is news or video. Most of the time, when we search for anything, we try to find our result on the first page, and if, we do not get the result, we use different keywords to get our result.

Have you ever notice that single keywords have millions of search result, but the few are the first page of the search engine because they do proper search engine optimization (SEO).

So, the question is, what is search engine optimization (SEO)? Let us know what SEO is and how does it work for better ranking.

What is SEO

SEO is the strategy and technique to rank our website and blog on the search engine. SEO is not rocket science to understand, but yes! You have to follow all the tips properly. Well, there are two types of SEO.

  • On-page SEO
  • Of page SEO

Let us move and talk about of page SEO and on-page SEO:

About On-page SEO

On page SEO is base on optimizing a web page and HTLM tags. If you optimize good your website or blog more than your competitor, so there was a chance to get a higher rank.

Here are some on-page SEO tactics:

  • Keyword researching

Keyword researching is vital to on-page SEO. It is the way where we rank our website in search engine.

Suppose you search (Best car in the world) and you get all result with these keywords. So, it is the secret t rank your blog or website with keyword researching. However, you need a strategy to do research keyword sharply.

Here are some best free and premium keyword researching tools you should check them out.

  • Meta tag

Yo ever notice when you search anything on search engine get all blue colour headings like this image below. So it is also an important part to use your title SEO friendly.

It must be less than 70 characters and should use your primary keyword.

  • Meta description

A meta description is the part when you search something on the search engine, and you get a short description of every website as below image is showing. This part is essential because it gives the quick idea to the reader about your website.

But before writing, you should use your primary keyword in the description, and the size of the description should be less than 156 characters.

  • Image optimization

Image optimization also performs a significant role in on-page SEO. It is essential because if you use 2mb, 3mb images, they will increase your website loading time, which gives an effect on your SEO.

So, make sure to optimize the image before use an image it there are many tools in the market you can use them free.

  1. Tiny image
  2. Compressor
  • HTML tag

Some of you know about HTML tag (H1 H2 H3 H4) or coding and if you don’t know, So, let me explain to you it the core of On-page SEO.

It is a process which is use for heading and Sub-heading. Suppose you are writing some article around 200-300 words. In this case, you will use the H1 tag for Heading and If you are using sub-heading, then H2.

  • URL optimization

A bright and short url gives advantage in SEO, in other words, it is the quick way to do SEO because a url with a number or long are low chances to rank on the search engine.

So, always try to keep your url short and related to your website or blog name.

About off-page SEO

Off-Page SEO is based upon promotion where we try to keep link building. If we compare with the on-page SEO, it is easier to do.

In off-page SEO, the main thing is to get more and more link juice, which means backlinks.

So, building a link is not rocket science, but yes, it comes more effective than On-page SEO.

Here are some off-page SEO tactics:

  • Backlink creation

Many people ask what are backlinks and how does it work? Backlink creation is the technique and process to build a link juice for your website. It is essential to get always dofollow backlinks, and if you get a nofollow backlink from high DA PA website, it will be helpful.

  • Social Bookmarking

Social Bookmarking is the best way to get fast traffic on your website. You can also check here the video and follow all steps properly

  • Web2.0

Web 2.0 another fantastic rout in off-page SEO. It one of the best way to index your backlinks fast, and if you want to know with practically then you can check this video

  • Directory Submission

Directory Submission is the similar of creation of backlink because it follows the same rule, but yes, it is advance than create backlink. So, if you want to know about Directory Submission, then you can check this video.

  • Press Release

Press release performs a vital role in off-page SEO, it is the best way to build fast backlinks, and grow fast traffic on your website. Most of the sites do a press release with a paid option, but some websites who promote press release completely free.

Here you will get some Press release sites.

  • Guest Posting

It is so easy to write a blog on another website, and get traffic on your website. Well, it is possible with guest posting.

If you never heard about guest posting before, So, let me tell you it is the choicest part of off-page SEO to get traffic with link building.

You need some basic knowledge about how to write guest posting, Most of the time we try to get traffic on our website as fast as possible, So what we can do, we can share our knowledge with others website.

We write for other websites and for their readers to help them out, and with this blog post, we can also share our link to give those readers new things and have chances to get fantastic traffic.

So, here is some website where you can write a guest post, and get excellent traffic.


I hope this blog will be informative and beneficial for you. All the steps tips are proven method by experts.

Every professional blogger and marketer are using these all tips. So, if you want to start blogging or Online marketing follow all the steps carefully, and one more important thing is SEO takes some times.

So, you have to keep patience for your success and, make consistency.

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