How to start a WordPress blog with this following steps 2019

Every beginner blogger thinks how to start a WordPress blog. WordPress is one of the most popular platforms for building a great website, and it has fantastic customization option.

Almost, 30 to 35% website is built with WordPress because like other platform or software it does not need any types of coding.

WordPress is a highly successful platform for its blogging and also provides the best free WordPress theme for blogging.

Let me be honest with you WordPress is the excellent platform if you want to start blogging and with this thought, I will explain to you that How can you start blogging with WordPress whatever if you are a professional or simple blogger.

But, before moving forward let me want to tell you that blogging is ultimately base on your niche because your niche makes a great idea rather than copy others strategy. So make sure you choose a niche in which you have complete knowledge.

Buying a hosting (GoDaddy recommend)

When you start to think about blogging, of course, you need a good hosting.

So let me tell you what to do next-

  • First, of all go to the My product option as showing this image.
  • In my product option, go to the web hosting then manage.
  • When you go inside the Manage option, you will get the Installation option.
  • After completing this process go to Content Management then WordPress
  • Finally after finishing everything goes to WordPress panel and create the first post

But before you start writing a blog, here are the things to do-

Choose a Catchy Headline

Choosing a catchy headline is one of the most excellent ways to attract your reader. If you are a simple blogger or beginner, So you should always give the first priority to your Headline.

Suppose yourself as a reader, and you are finding the best adventure book of 2018. So in this case, when you search your niche, of course, you will get an attractive headline’s article related to your niche and obviously, you want to be reading that article.

But make sure make your headline length should be 70 characters.

Focus on Description

The Description also an essential factor like Headline, but it is something different from it.

A description explains a little bit about what you have done in your blog and when the reader finds a blog they always focus on the description that shows what is your blog exactly.

So, create an effective description will be helpful for you and also attract your readers.

Easy to read

When I started writing a blog, I was a little bit confuse and didn’t understand how to write an informative blog but after a few days later, I understand what exactly it is and how to write an easy and informative blog.

Every reader wants to understand the blog easily; even they also remember it as a story. So whenever you think about writing, make sure you write an informative and easy to read the blog.

Never copy another Article

Copy another article is one of the worst things in your blogging; everybody knows that writing an article should be fresh and unique.

Google always focus on a new kind of article which gives something new to its users or readers even if you are a beginner.

Whenever you try to copy any content or spin content, that doesn’t mean Google can’t find out that, Google can easily find out that Where is it written from, So, it’s not a cool idea if you are thinking about it.


Blogging is a great way to show your thoughts to your public, and there is no way like this because the reader wants to read an interested and informative article.

So if you are fully ready to write an article then go for it but make sure you follow this above steps correctly.

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