How To Promote Your YouTube Channel In 2019

YouTube is one of the biggest video sharing websites in the world with more than 1.9 billion users are logging on YouTube.

In today’s day YouTube engaging with people and make them more awareness with its video contents.

YouTube filled with Funny, Interesting, Adventure, mysterious, etc. videos. Many YouTubers are growing very well, but some youtubers are struggling for their channel.

So, the easiest way to rid of this struggling is to promote a YouTube channel. Yes! It is the most elegant way to grow your channel value quickly, but the question is how to do it?

With keeping this question in mind, let me explain to you How To Promote Your Youtube Channel which helps to boost your channel rank.

Optimize your YouTube Profile

Before we talk about any other ways, it is most important to optimize YouTube profile properly.

Youtube keyword research

When we talk about optimize channel so, the first should be keyword research. Yes, it is vital to growing your channel ranking, and of course, it’s matter.

In the above image, you see some great example of finding a keyword with the help of ahref tools.

If you don’t know how to find keyword then, you can copy any other YouTuber keyword related to your niche.

Create a Catchy Title

A title performs a vital role when people visit your video. A catchy title attracts users to see what is inside the video and how much information it has.

So when ready with your video make sure choose a catchy title and title should match with your video.

Video Description

The description is nothing, but just brief information about your content, it helps the user to understand what is specifically inside the video which makes content more attract and work as a guide.

Video Tags

A tagging one of the secret key for rank on YouTube it just like a keyword, and work as an SEO.

Tagging does matters because different user search with different keyword and you don’t know about what user will search.

So it will be great to use a tag according to your niche and user behavior.

Video Thumbnail

A good-looking thumbnail makes the video more stunning and catchy. Suppose that you are ready with your content and the last step is choosing a nice thumbnail so in this case take some time to pick a good one.

A stunning thumbnail attracts the user to come down into the video and check it out. So make sure pick a nice-looking thumbnail and if you want to create a great thumbnail then visit here.

Advertise Your YouTube Channel With Facebook

Facebook is the best way to promote your YouTube channel. It has the potential to give a vast number of users according to your niche

The Facebook advertisement works on its way if your content has the potential to engage users then it will give you the result.

According to the top YouTubers, it is the fastest and easy way to rank on YouTube which can helps every beginner.

To create a Facebook advertisement here is some essential tips.

  • Choose a target audience to get more views and engagement.
  • Set up a schedule of ads according to your specific time.
  • Begin with manual bidding rate which helps to save unnecessary cost use.
  • Always choose a nice-looking title and brief, informative description.
  • Use Learn more button.

Google Adwords (PPC) Advertising

As similar as Facebook, Adwords is also one of the most popular advertising websites which help Youtubers to grow fastest on YouTube.

It has a great option to show your ads on YouTube videos, and YouTube search result.

  • YouTube video: It works as, the ad can appear on the channel page, YouTube home Page and YouTube videos.
  • YouTube search: results: It means the ads will appear only to the next search results.


Choosing the right option can be the life-changing opportunity, and Facebook and Adwords are one of the excellent ways to promote your youtube channel but before doing it make sure optimize a channel correctly.

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